Criteria for Joining/Maintaining San Francisco Doula Group Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining the San Francisco Doula Group (SFDG). Outlined below is information about the goals and structure of the group and the requirements for membership should you wish to join. If you have further questions, please contact Elizabeth Porter,

SFDG was created to help build professionalism and credibility within the doula and birth community, and to create a network of support for both new and established doulas. Started by a small group of  doulas 13+ years ago, SFDG has grown to over 30 birth and postpartum doulas who provide a variety of perinatal services. Our vision is to support trained and experienced doulas via monthly meetings; ongoing professional development; peer review; business opportunities; and social events.

There are two components to the SF Doula Group. One is a large listserve known as the Bay Area Doula Network which consists of over 150 doulas and others working in a woman-supportive field (both SFDG members and non-members) throughout the Bay Area. Any doula/practitioner is welcome to join and we encourage you to do so. As a member of the Bay Area Doula Network listserv you are welcome to come to monthly SFDG meetings, post your services to the group’s database (not viewed by the public), and to present cases at Peer Review. To join the listserv, please send an email to Elizabeth Porter,

The second component is the SFDG membership itself. This is the smaller group of 30+ doulas referenced above. In joining, we have made a deeper commitment to support the SFDG on an ongoing basis in the specific ways outlined below. Some of the benefits of this commitment include: great relationship-building opportunities; direct support from fellow doulas; professional development; public exposure at Meet the Doula events; and presence on the highly visited SFDG website, which is a great way to connect with prospective clients and build your practice in general.

Application Criteria:
  1. Applicants must apply using our Membership Application form which can found at:
  2. Applicants must have received doula training from a professional organization.
  3. Applicants must have attended at least 8 births or worked with at least 8 postpartum clients prior to applying.
  4. Applicants must have already attended a minimum of 3 general SFDG meetings within 12 months prior to applying for SFDG membership (the meetings are listed on the calendar on the SFDG website). Prospective members are responsible for documenting their attendance at these meetings by acquiring a signature from one SFDG member in attendance at each meeting, or alternately, the hostess of the meeting.

New members: you will be invited to an orientation meeting. At this meeting you will meet other members (new and existing), get answers to your questions about the SFDG and various committees, and begin to network and get involved.

Membership Requirements:
  1. Members must pay a $75.00 annual fee. The annual fee goes to pay for website maintenance, registration and hosting; guest speaker fees; workshops; and social events. The annual fee is due upon joining the group and in July of each year.
  2. Both new and renewing members must agree to, and send a signed copy of, the SFDG’s Standard of Practice & Code of Ethics guidelines along with a completed Contact Form when they pay their annual fee.
  3. All members join one of the various “job committees” (to be selected once a member) which help the SFDG function and meet its mission and goals.
  4. Members must present a case annually before the SFDG Peer Review Board AND sit/act as a peer review board member for someone else’s case. It is possible to do both during the same peer review session or it can be split into two sessions. (Our calendar year is July-June.)
  5. Members must attend TWO SFDG meetings within each term (terms are January to June and July to December).
  6. Members must attend annually (again, July through June) TWO Meet the Doulas events. These events are not only an important way to support the community but also to connect with prospective clients.
  7. Members must maintain their membership requirement information in the SFDG database (meeting attendance, peer review dates, Meet the Doula attendance dates, etc)
  8. All members are welcome and encouraged to participate in both the annual June business meeting and any planned retreat.
  9. All inactive members must attend 1 meeting per term. (Inactive membership is for doulas listed on the site who are not currently taking clients, are on maternity leave or on sabbatical – this is listed with an * after their information on the site).